Welcome to LFGdating Ads, a 100% self-service hyper local ad purchase portal that gets your business in front of thousands of gamers in YOUR market.

Whether you run an arcade bar in downtown Chicago or a used video game retail shop in Brooklyn, figuring out how to get your ads in front of gamers and ONLY gamers is typically a challenge due to Internet ad privacy; in other words, how does Google, Facebook, and Twitter prove that your ad is ONLY in front of gamers? Well, with LFGdating Ads, we guarantee that your business will only be served to gamers seeing that it's only displayed within the authenticated portion of LFGdating. We ONLY serve your ads to verified users in YOUR market, and seeing that LFGdating is the #1 gamer dating site on planet earth, that means 100% of your impressions and clicks are coming from local gamers. That's what we call advertising FTW.

LFGdating Ads is 100% self-service just like Facebook, Twitter, or SnapChat Ads - that means you can create and launch a new campaign at 3am on Thursday or 4pm on Sunday afternoon; no emailing, no back and forth, just fire and launch when ready. So what are you waiting for? Stop wasting your ad dollars on the unknown and unverified world, and create your next campaign with LFGdating Ads. Click here to get started, and welcome to LFGdating Ads!

LFGdating is gamers that want to learn about your business.

At LFG we are all about making connections for gamers, and while our dating site focuses on finding other gamers love, at LFGdating Ads our goal is to match those same gamers with trustworthy local businesses. With a ginormous community of verified gamers all over the United States, LFGdating Ads employs hyper local campaigns to put your brand in front of gamers who could have very well already walked by or even visited your establishment. With LFGdating Ads, let us make those new business connections for you, because after all - it's what we're good at!

100% Verified Gamers

No more guessing or hoping that your ad reaches at least some gamers with Google or Facebook - with LFGdating Ads, your banners will only get served to logged in LFGdating users (gamers!) in YOUR market! Maybe we should rename LFG to LFB: you're looking for business, and we've got the gamers to send to your door.

100% Self-Service

Like we mentioned above, LFG Ads is 100% self-service so you can start a campaign 24/7/365. Oh, and LFG also protects your personal and paymenet information like it's Top Secret information (it IS) with site-wide, 256-bit SSL encryption courtesy of the fine folks over at SSL.com and with the green padlock in your browser's URL bar to prove it.

Free Blog Post Included

While we roll through the LFGdating Ads Beta program, we're offering the first 300 campaigns a free blog post which will permanently create a written review with backlinks for your business. Check out some stellar examples from Atlanta (Battle & Brew) and Chicago (Emporium Arcade Bar). We've learned a solid blog post can cost minimum $100 on a decently sized blog, so you're probably saving money with us if you're one of our first 300 advertisers!

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