So, Why LFGdating?

That's an easy question.

For the love of the gamer, that's why.

Gamers carry a specific social stigma in today's society. Introduce yourself as someone who plays video games, and you already feel a judgement coming. Using LFGdating eliminates that part of the process; hopefully, the stigma altogether.

LFGdating allows you to meaningfully interact with people who share your passion for gaming. Some of us may be casual players while others may be more self-proclaimed hardcore, but all of us are looking for the same thing: someone to share our lives with.

There are plenty of dating sites on the internet. We understand this, and we understand that you understand this. However, LFGdating allows you to find exactly who you are looking for when you want that other person to be a gamer. There is a large difference between sticking out as a gamer and standing out for your passion; let us shine the spotlight on you to stand out.

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